This is a story about HANK & SISSY and their amazing journey and investment in Purebred Wagyu cattle!


Sissy brings home a bag of beef jerky from the store, hands it to Hank and says, “enjoy!”. Hank opens the bag and suddenly a foul smell enters the room. He reaches into the bag and says it feels like a rubber glove! Worse – it smells artificial and it tastes like s*#! Hank tells Sissy to take it back to Trader Joe’s. Sissy refused, and said, “You take it back, jackass!”

So the story goes, Hank got mad at jerky. Now, thanks to Sissy’s Secrete Spice the couple make the best jerky on either side of the Pecos River. Hank often chuckles when he says, “It’s no secret. I just took the highest quality meat, Purebred Wagyu – sprinkled Sissy’s Secrete Spice, and then turned the table upside down by turning purebred WAGYU beef into jerky! The only way to taste the 99-Jerky is to find Hank on a GOOD day – when he’s just finished his craft of small-batch, hand-cut BISON | ELK | WAGYU jerky from his commercial kitchen.


The jerky experiment was just the beginning. What happened next is an incredible story of relationships

And without the remarkable individuals in Hank & Sissy’s life – none of this would be possible!


The ranch in Montana was like stepping back in time to the 1950’s – the topsoil is deep and rich with nutrients, the alfalfa grass is tall and lush, due to the mountain water constantly being redirected to the grazing paddocks. The air smells crisp and clean. Hank realized he was part of something bigger, more meaningful, an ecosystem. The ranch is a unique process where everything is centered around the health and welfare of the animals and the land. The rancher takes care of the animal. The animal takes care of the ranch. There is a sense of alignment and balance.


Hank stopped in to an old-fashioned BBQ shack in Central Texas near closing time. The owner invited Hank to have a seat at his table and eat dinner with him and his two sons. After the “How do you dos,” Hank looked at the owner and said, “I know I look green in the meat industry, but I am interested in knowing what are your meat problems?” The owner replied, “That’s easy! Quality of meat is going down, and the Price is going up, and I can’t grow my business. Hank replied, “Heck that is easy, Bob! You need a MEAT PARTNER, not a salesperson! I’ll get to work on that and circle back when I can help you – and the meat disruption model was sparked.


The questions led us on a journey to source the highest quality WAGYU and to educate consumers on the nutritional benefits of our superfood – Purebred WAGYU beef. Leveraging Hank & Sissy’s unique relationships, the two entrepreneurs built a responsibly sustainable unique supply chain of WAGYU beef. Then added a “direct to the consumer” approach, to eliminate cost, by eliminating the middle-men. In less than one year, we developed a consistent supply by purchasing a herd of Purebred WAGYU cattle. The WAGYU are extremely rare and loaded with five nutritional benefits, not found in traditional beef products.


Hank came across a farmer at the local market who offered the following opportunity – the farmer said, tell me how many green beans you and your family need next week? Then I will pick only the green beans you need and eliminate waste. You will enjoy fresh green beans, and I will have the beans for you weekly. The farmer then blushed and said, “I have one condition. You have to pay me in advance weekly, to make sure I don’t have any waste”. Hank thought to himself…with the “green bean sustainability” model, the farmer shares his knowledge, education, and experiences and all he humbly asks – is that you respect the green beans – and do your part as a consumer by only consuming what you need. Hank finally recognized, what the business looks like when it is built – it is about YOU! So, the green bean illuminated Hank & Sissy’s vision to launch –