This is a story about HANK & SISSY and their amazing journey in Texas with Wagyu, Beef Jerky and a Sustainable Passion!


Sissy brings home a bag of beef jerky from the store, hands it to Hank and says, “Enjoy!” Hank opens the bag and suddenly a foul smell enters the room. He reaches into the bag notices the “meat” feels like a rubber glove! Worse, it smells artificial and doesn’t even look like real meat. Hank reluctantly took a bite, spits it out and says “This tastes like s*#!”  Hank tells Sissy to take the fake jerky back to store and get your money back. Sissy refused and told Hank, “You take it back!” That was the SPARK that changed everything.

See, Hank is a guy – and guys have trouble taking stuff back, so Hank got on the internet and researched how to make beef jerky. He quickly figured out 90% of the Beef Jerky on the market is marinaded with one of three core ingredients: Soy Sauce, Worchester or Teriyaki – all of which have MSG.  Next, Hank stumbles across “liquid smoke”, scratches his head and wonders “What is liquid smoke?” As a purist, Hank decides to make his own beef jerky – using real wood, fire, and smoke to achieve the taste of REAL MEAT!

So, the story goes – Hank got mad at jerky!


Now, without the love, support, and encouragement by Sissy – none of this jerky journey would have been possible!  In order for Hank to prepare a small batch of beef jerky, he knew he would need special spice or seasoning. Sissy rolled up her sleeves and went to work to develop a proprietary seasoning for the jerky named Sissy’s Secret Spice.  After seventeen weeks of beta-testing inside a collaborative think tank in Fort Worth Texas, the couple dialed in Six Spices or levels of heat.  Hank often chuckles when he says, “It’s no secret!  I just took high-quality meat, Wagyu, sprinkled Sissy’s Secrete Spice, and the rest is history.”


Hank & Sissy came across a farmer at the local market who offered the following opportunity:  The farmer inquired, tell me how many green beans do you and your family need next week?  That way I will only pick the green beans you need and eliminate the waste.  You will enjoy FRESH green beans weekly and help my farm become sustainable. The farmer blushed and said, “I have one condition. You have to pay me in advance weekly, to make sure I don’t have any waste.”

Hank thought to himself…with the green bean sustainability model, the farmer shares his knowledge, education, and experiences. All he asks in return is that you respect the green beans and do your part as a consumer by only consuming what you need. Hank finally recognized what the jerky business looks like when it is built!  The farmer and the green bean offered valuable lessons. He illuminated Hank & Sissy’s vision to launch FORT BUTCHER to produce The Best Beef Jerky on either side of the Pecos River!