8356 Thompson Road Justin, Texas

JOIN US at FORT BUTCHER world corporate headquarters in Justin, Texas РOpen To The Public from 12p-7p EVERY Wednesday.

YOU are the judge via of a blind taste test of WHO has the BEST BEEF in Texas!



EVERY WEEK starting July 1st | 2020

Come taste the highest quality WAGYU beef right here in Justin, Texas U.S.A.

We invite you to help us collect valuable feedback by trying a WAGYU slider on the house and telling us what you think about our beef. FORT BUTCHER believes our business model starts with YOU!

WAGYU WEDNESDAY’S means an exciting tasting and learning event for all ages. The Wagyu Wisdom Experience will be include the history of WAGYU coming to America, the nutritional benefits of WAGYU, the marketing and labeling deception in the industry, and of course a spotlight our finest cuts of WAGYU 99-RESERVE beef, which is 99.95 purebred Wagyu. We encourage questions. Our interactive learning and tastings weekly help build our local communities.

Don’t forget your FRESH Wagyu Steaks on the way out…

Social Distancing Regulations and Guidelines are in effect. We have access to over 2,500 square feet of commercial kitchen space, plus acres of land around the facility to help us comply and adhere to the new norm.

Wagyu cattle are known for their essential good fats that are most fully realized when eating 100 percent full blood WAGYU, a rare breed. By comparison a Wagyu crossbred with other cattle (most commonly Angus) “all bets are off” when it comes to the health benefits of Wagyu as the Wagyu blood line is being diluted.